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But I don’t WANT a DAMNED website!

December 31, 2008

The client was, I believe, genuinely frustrated. He really didn’t want a web site for his business, but several of his larger customers expressed the desire for convenience of ordering from their desk.  (Duh.)
Sooo, the client reluctantly agrees.  He calls us.  We do the site. Nice and simple.  But not without listening to him rant and rave about what a supreme pain in the ass this is going to be.  He’s really feeling inconvenienced by his customer who will now make him check his email regularly.  He’d rather answer the phone.  He’d rather get a faxed order. Damn those customers who want to do business with him THEIR way.  
Change is such a bitch.  And after I got done lecturing him, so am I.

Yes, there really are people out there who are like this.   

We work with them every day.  Hey, it’s a living.

Bless their hearts. 

Why didn’t I think of this?

December 30, 2008



Media … small town style.

December 29, 2008

Because I’m an entrepreneurial adchick, I AM the media buying department (among other things).  This last year, I placed over $400,000 in media dollars here in Hooterville.   But that was NOT without some priceless “reasoning” from the small town clients we represent.  Here are a few sweet examples:

You need to buy a schedule from them because:

                   He/she bought a sofa from us.

                   We fixed their car.

                   He/She is a Republican.           

                   He/She is a Democrat.

                   He/She is married to my cousin’s best friend.

                    He/She goes to my church.           

                    I watch that show.

                   My mother reads that paper.

                   He/She is an NRA member.

You should NOT buy a schedule from them because:

                    I just don’t like him/her.

                     He/She is a Republican.           

                     He/She is a Democrat.

                      I hate the way their station/newspaper reports the news.

                      They have never set foot in our store.

                      No one listens/watches that station.

                      I’ve never heard of them.

                      I never watch that show.

ARRRRGGGHH!  What’s an adchick to do?  Argue the facts, that’s what!  It’s unusual to have TWO network TV stations in a market this small,  but we do.  Also a well subscribed cable outlet.  So armed with a Nielsen book, CPP, rating and share data, I wear them down with more information than they really want ,  force feeding objectivity into them by the bucketful.   Seldom do I lose these little discussions, but when I  finally realize I’m getting nowhere, I remember my mantra:  The client has the right to make the wrong decision.

More than the confidence that we’re getting an $8 CPP and reaching more than 60% of women 35+, is the comfort my client takes in knowing that his mother-in-law will see his commercial on Wheel of Fortune.

Maybe I could work at McDonalds.   

You want fries with that?

Doing our part.

December 28, 2008

Nothing says “I Love You” to my daughter than shopping the after-Christmas sales.  So in the spirt of mother-daughter bonding, helping the economy  (and finding some good bargains) off we went to the mall.  Yes, Hooterville indeed has a mall.  

Rather empty of people, however.  Our little part of the world has always been fairly insulated from bad economic times.  Surrounded by corn and soybean fields, the farmers still come to town to attend to their sundry errands:  Grocery store, Wal-Mart, maybe the farm store and a scheduled doctor visit.  These are the people our clients need and who we work hard to understand … they’re hardworking and they want value.  Anything too urban/flashy is distrusted.  They do respond to a clean, consistent message, though.  And hopefully, they’ll keep on responding.  There’s just enough business around here to keep it competitive and considering the efforts of some “kitchen table” ad shops (more on them later), we’re doing just fine.  

Bring on the New Year!

A very long way from Madison Avenue

December 27, 2008

I must be out of my mind to start a blog, given the amount of time I spend on a computer doing paying work, but I haven’t found anyone who is experiencing the advertising business like we do here in Hooterville. Clients are probably the same no matter what size the market.  Maybe in a small town, they’re a little more “teachable”, or is frustrating the word I’m looking for?

I’ve been an Entrepreneur in this business for over 26 years…I think I might have an observation or two that you might find interesting- or just plain unbelievable. So from Maine Street, let me share what advertising is like in a very small town.

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