Media … small town style.

Because I’m an entrepreneurial adchick, I AM the media buying department (among other things).  This last year, I placed over $400,000 in media dollars here in Hooterville.   But that was NOT without some priceless “reasoning” from the small town clients we represent.  Here are a few sweet examples:

You need to buy a schedule from them because:

                   He/she bought a sofa from us.

                   We fixed their car.

                   He/She is a Republican.           

                   He/She is a Democrat.

                   He/She is married to my cousin’s best friend.

                    He/She goes to my church.           

                    I watch that show.

                   My mother reads that paper.

                   He/She is an NRA member.

You should NOT buy a schedule from them because:

                    I just don’t like him/her.

                     He/She is a Republican.           

                     He/She is a Democrat.

                      I hate the way their station/newspaper reports the news.

                      They have never set foot in our store.

                      No one listens/watches that station.

                      I’ve never heard of them.

                      I never watch that show.

ARRRRGGGHH!  What’s an adchick to do?  Argue the facts, that’s what!  It’s unusual to have TWO network TV stations in a market this small,  but we do.  Also a well subscribed cable outlet.  So armed with a Nielsen book, CPP, rating and share data, I wear them down with more information than they really want ,  force feeding objectivity into them by the bucketful.   Seldom do I lose these little discussions, but when I  finally realize I’m getting nowhere, I remember my mantra:  The client has the right to make the wrong decision.

More than the confidence that we’re getting an $8 CPP and reaching more than 60% of women 35+, is the comfort my client takes in knowing that his mother-in-law will see his commercial on Wheel of Fortune.

Maybe I could work at McDonalds.   

You want fries with that?

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