Top Ten Pet Peeves

(as they relate to advertising)

So while advertising is not an exact science, it’s pretty obvious what’s good and what’s bad and what will appeal to a target audience.  But some advertising, regionally and nationally, affects me like nails on a blackboard.  I’m so disgusted by the approach, I vow to never to business there … ever!  Here are few of mine, in no particular order of annoyance:

1.  Bad, corny acting.  Don’t spoof me in 30 seconds.  (Happens too much here in Hooterville)  Theater belongs, well, in a theater. 

2. Interns who read the news…and shouldn’t.  (My local public radio station is guilty of this…UGH!)  Don’t practice on the public’s time. 

3. Too Much Animation.  Commercials are not video games.  Give us a break and with the stupid whizzing graphics, flying logos, unnecessary sound effects.

4. The Burger King character.  He’s garish and creepy.  Obviously I am NOT the target audience here, but I’ve not heard one good thing about this giant mask with the skinny legs running around like a lunatic.

5.  Television commercials that are totally too loud.  We don’t send ‘em out that way.  What’s the deal? 

6.  It’s soooo creative I can’t remember the product.   You remember the commercial, but not who it’s for.  Whatta waste.

7.   The owner of the business who insists on doing his own commercials….and shouldn’t.  You know who you are.  The people who tell you that you’re good are lying.

8.  Web sites that immediately start playing music and/or video and don’t give me the option to not hear/watch it.

9.  Giving the phone number on a radio commercial.  Think about the last time YOU ever wrote a phone number down when you heard it on a radio OR TV commercial.  That’s what I thought. 

10.   Yellow Pages Directories.  They are fast going the way of the dinosaur.  Thank God. 

Big agencies get paid a lot of money to do some pretty bizarre stuff.  Beauty must be in the eye of the beholder…it couldn’t have tested well.   Send me stuff that makes you crazy.


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