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Numbnuts or Nuggnuts?

January 4, 2009

OK.   We’re watching the NFL playoffs, and McDonalds strikes again.  The 30 second commercial about Nuggnuts runs.   Immediately my 50 something (male) sweetheart says, “Nuggnuts? Sounds like Numbnuts”.  He’s offended.   I go to the web site.

Home page.  A grandmother, probably her way-too-beautiful-to-be-the-mom daughter and two kids, all wearing Mc-Ugly Christmas Sweaters and sporting what I assume to be reindeer antlers.  They each hold Nuggnuts as if they’re posing for a family portrait. The son is staring off into space, probably comatose from too many French fries.

Then, click on a link like the Nuggnut Hall of Fame, and here it is, an Eskimo-like turd that changes color from frosty white to tan as the page loads.   Oooooh, yummy!   I love to see my tender, juicy all-white meat frozen solid.  And wholesome too, 12 fat grams and 190 calories in 4 of those fried turds.   Target audience for this campaign?   Numbnuts.



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