Creative Happens.

Doesn’t matter if you’re in Hooterville or New York City creative people just do it…they can’t help it. They see things in a wonderfully different way and no matter if they get published or aired, they can’t deny the urge. 

Great big markets don’t have a corner on the good ideas.  Here in Hooterville I work with people who possess not just talent, but bring a diversity to the table that the big agencies would envy.  We have a designer who illustrates and raises chickens, a married couple who not only design, he’s a licensed pyrotechnician (call for your next fireworks show) and she’s a diaper maker (and a very good mommy) and herb gardener. Then, there’s our camera/video/audio guy… when he’s not doing paying work, he listens to podcasts about videography, he’s an attentive husband and dad, and takes guitar lessons.  We’re  going to produce a PSA for a local childrens advocacy group.  He was gathering images to begin the process and captured this.   baseball where it belongs

Major League Baseball needs an extreme makeover.  They could start by lowering ticket prices and bringing player salaries back to reality, then announce their intention on bringing the game back to everyday people…they could use this image in their new campaign.   Very nice.

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