The cubicle be damned

In response to Adscam’s all too funny post about office max reaching out to the 80 million cubicle dwellers who hate their work space, I thought you’d like to see where we work here in Hooterville.



No white walls here! Thanks to our (now deceased) Art Director who spruced up our 3000 sq feet in an old factory building over looking the BIG Muddy.  He came into my life from a big metro market (Ace Hardware, Swift, and others), drank too much, almost put us outta business, but by God, he gave us a cool space.  Watermelon stripes, curved walls, purple paint with rose accents…People come into our studios and are either politely shocked or genuinely impressed that someone would actually have the chutzpah to decorate a work environment in this way … only in Hooterville. You shouldn’t work in a place that isn’t conducive to your productivity.  It’s home, and the fridge always has cold beer.

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