Work a Cause

I’m a “tree-hugging, save the children, stop the abuse” kind of chick. Our little agency has given literally tens of thousands of dollars in services to a variety of local charitable organizations.  Advergirl’s Jan 4th post was a great piece on non-profits using the web more effectively.  I’ll take it to the Local Womens Shelter Board.

Seems to me if we worked as hard selling the services of worthy non-profits as we did cars and shampoo, maybe we could start to save our little corners of the planet. (I can hear the cynics now!) I am especially interested in the issue of family violence.  This little 30 second spot was done in a day, at no charge.  The voice work was free, and our very generous local cable company aired it…a lot.  Turns out, this little PSA was directly responsible for two women turning their lives around and since the awareness campaign began, the place has been full of women and children.

Everybody is in the business for their own reasons, money is usually in the top 2, but damn…put your skills to work for something that really matters.  Creatives have a great opportunity to really make the world a better place…we’re supposed to be selling stuff, so let’s sell a little human kindness.   Put the cynicism aside.  Find a wrong and make it right.  


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One Response to “Work a Cause”

  1. Muonwar Says:

    It was ubiquitous for quite a while… good to hear it succeeded… you shame me with your generosity…

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