A Typical Adchick Day

So, a day in entreprenuerial advertising went something like this:

Wake up late, grab coffee, race around to get out the door.  (Just me, no kids, no pets, no significant other…what the hell am I doing?)

Get all the grocery items for the price-item TV doughnut that MUST  be shot today to make deadline.

Hit the post office on the way across down (our drive time is about 15 minutes) … check the mail box.  No Checks.  Payroll is Friday. Damn.

While  cool camera guy works his magic with canned corn, I finish buying February media for the last client, fax off the schedule.

Field a call from some girl named Holly selling space in the County  Fair Book … honey, it’s JANUARY!  The efffing Fair is in August. Leave me alone … and by the way, NO! 

Field a call from a client who loves his new web site and had two minor changes, then he tells me his business is rockin’ and he loves what we do. Sweet.

Look over  the last round of logo changes for a new product.   Hope the 60+ male clients will choose the right one (after all, the audience is 25-45 women). We show them what we want them to see and hold our breath.

Eat microwave soup at my desk for lunch left over from shooting the grocery store ad.

Try not to spill soup on the papers I prepared for my 1:30 meeting.

Meeting goes over two hours…but these were motivated clients and I walked out with a bunch of new work.  They like me.

Field a call from my most conservative client.  He decides cautiously to continue to run some ads in February.  Gee, thanks.  Glad you decided to keep the doors open.

Whip out a press release for a favorite charity.  Easy.

Late in the day. Here comes an email from the health care marketing girls.  Their “Marketing Committee” met. They have a few “suggestions” to the last three TV ads.  (They should all be selling Mary Kay…wait, maybe I should be selling Mary Kay.)  Bitches took the icing off the cake. I feel my blood pressure jump and resist the urge to kill someone.    My cool camera guy, however, is just that. Cool. No big deal.  He makes their “suggestions”.  

I weigh my choice between red wine or a workout.

Whaddya think I decided to do??                       images-15

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2 Responses to “A Typical Adchick Day”

  1. Todd Says:

    Red wine, hands down. My day was similar, I went for tequila.

  2. Muonwar Says:

    “Glad you decided to keep the doors open.” Your awesomeness inspires…

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