Super Stupid

Pretty uneventful day for advertising on Superbowl Sunday.  (Lousy officiating, too).  In fact,  I’m feeling pretty good about what we do here in  Hooterville.   The BDA’s were really struggling to find an angle to sell the same old stuff. The  e-trade baby still makes me laugh, but it took me forever to remember who he was pitching!  (It ain’t a good spot if the creative makes you forget the name of the client.) 

And what was NBC thinking with “What happened to your Butt?”   Huh?   Might have been the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.  

Career Builder’s annoying, repetitive rant made me want to get a gun.   All in all…it was nothing special for the advertising industry.  I tried to feel something, be impressed and amazed….but it didn’t happen.    I agree with Adscam and Jetpack…I stay out of Superbowl hype.  It’s always overpriced and too big of a risk for my  tiny little clients.  And judging from the number of NBC promo’s,  I’d say some big clients felt the same way.


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