The Language of the Idea

When you’re trying to sell your ideas, it really comes down to the wordsmithing, doesn’t it?   We spend so much time developing the work that we forget about the most important work, the presentation!    Gotta get the client to see what we see, damn it.   In Hooterville, we don’t have a lot of time to prepare this kind of work but we realize its importance just the same.  When it comes to the new Pepsi Logo, maybe Peter Arnell had TOO MUCH time on his hands.

Thanks to Musings from an Opinionated Sod, I just got a look at the Breathtaking Presentation Peter Arnell presented to Pepsi.  Mr. Arnell has been dubbed a “Fucktard” George Parker, who is right on (What exactly IS a Fucktard?).   This Arnell guy is one great salesman to have gotten Pepsi to believe all this gobble.  I realize MUCH has been written about this already, but if WE made a  presentation like this to the common folk in Hooterville, we’d be laughed out of the room.   

We’ve been passing this around, really trying to understand it…I mean, my God, it’s PEPSI!  One of our designers said: ” What a horrific collection of utter bullshit.  And in the blueprint section they leave out the Fibonacci sequence, the natural phenomenon of ALL inclusive  design and only invented by  GOD (discovered by Fibonacci), and replace it with more bullshit. That’s inexcusable, but probably pandering to the Godless masses of  humanity who gorge themselves on this high fructose corn syrup laden  product.That’s why I drink Coke”          

I Love This Guy!

Trying to get a client to understand WHY you want  to do something is as important as the creative you developed.   It’s like John Madden said:  The most important member of a football team is the owner.   So, in turn, the most important player of our creative team is unfortunately the client, who does indeed have the right to make the wrong decision.

You know, just because you work in Hooterville doesn’t mean you’re a dumb-ass.


Peter’s body language suggests pouting…

Nobody likes my new logo!!

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5 Responses to “The Language of the Idea”

  1. Muonwar Says:

    Well, in your own inimitable way you make me think… re-doing a presentation right now…

  2. Rob @ Cynic Says:

    One of our creatives has made a Peter Arnell voodoo doll – if the guy suddenly goes blind, you know who to thank.

    [Acknowledging that the majority of his work gives the distinct impression he’s blind already!]

  3. Muonwar Says:

    Pepsi, that file liquid, may actually pull of something spectacular with this… great idea, truly.

  4. Blind you with rebranding science » Says:

    […] And Bad Science isn’t the only place that’s stuck the boot in, as here, here and here testify. […]

  5. Coke “Creatures” « adchick Says:

    […] Coke “Creatures” By adchick Times have really changed.  From a zombie-like choir of ethnicities (You can still sing along, though, can’t you?) to freaky, furry robotic creatures.  This is gonna make me choose to drink a Coke over a Pepsi because… (Pepsi’s new Logo is certainly not a reason.)  I would LOVE to sit in on these creative sessions to hear how they determine the approach then sell the approach to the client (The Language of the Idea). […]

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