Cooking with Clara

Move over, Emeril and meet Clara, who makes magic with lentils and rice, steak as thin as paper, a simple salad and some bread.  Welcome to Great Depression Cooking with Clara.  She’s an Italian lady  from New York who used to work for Hostess filling Twinkies.  There’s a job for you.  She tells us what’s REALLY important, a living reminder of a lousy time in America.  And though she makes no mention of a nice Cabernet to go with her feast, I’ll bet it was pretty damned tasty without it.  Maybe we need to take some good notes here.


3 Responses to “Cooking with Clara”

  1. Rob Says:

    Now that is an idea … that’s bloody magic … and I love her, I love the fact she has this attitude that kinda says “you don’t know what tough is you molly-cuddled modern aged softies”.

    She is my hero …

  2. George Parker Says:

    I’m with Rob… This is one smart lady, who obviously went through tough times… I know I’ll sound like an old fuck… But a lot of young people today are not going to cope with the shit that’s going to happen in the next couple of years. Fuck the iPhone, Twitter me some dog food.

  3. Could We Make A Sexist Joke Given AdChick Is Promoting A Show Featuring A Woman In The Kitchen? « The Musings Of An Opinionated Sod [Help Me Grow!] Says:

    […] of course not, it’s bloody pathetic to patronise chicks … and besides, the clip is brilliant and a great idea for a mainstream telly […]

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