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March 16, 2009

Courtesy of a wonderful place called unfortunate names, I’ve found several products that are begging for a campaign. We can’t tackle something of this magnitude  (dude, there’s a church on every corner with an auto parts store across the street here in Hooterville-I’d be in a world of trouble)  but you guys should take it on!  


Beaver Cream. 

Might generate a big fan base on Facebook?




Instant Sex.  

Possibly an instructional video?




Hmmm…I’m thinking a jingle.


Big Love Tweets

March 16, 2009

So my experiment with Twitter continues.  I find some very interesting people and some (for whatever reason) who wanna follow me. I accidently nudged makethelogobigger then immediately apologized, wondering if his wife would mind….I mean, I didn’t know what a nudge was. 🙂

Then I get some chick named Nicolette Grant who wants to follow me.   She says she’s “living the principle with her husband Bill and her sister wives”.   Uh-Oh!!! Further investigation validates my suspicions…HBO must have hired a bunch of interns to Tweet  lines from their hit show Big Love.  (My camera guy never misses it. I’m pretty certain George has never seen it!  I don’t watch it but I do delight in the current stir the show has caused with the Moorman Church!)

So… they Tweet to push their program, entice their fans?   I’ll block Nicky, as I can’t add this to my already long TV list.  But it’s a slick, smooth example of advertisers sliding into new media.  I have to admit, it caught me a little off guard.

Hey, this is Hooterville.  I lead a sheltered life.


Twit This, HBO!!

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