Can’t you just fix the web site without redesigning the logo?   No.

We’re not sure if we should change the name of the business or not.  Call me when you decide.

We’d like to go with two color, but when we see the proof, we might decide to go with full color.   Uhhhh….

How much does a TV ad cost? How much does a car cost?

We’d like to hire you for one commercial, see how it goes, but keep our other agency, too.   Uh, no.

I’d like to put my kids in the spot.   Please hire someone else.

Don’t put us on that TV station…their news department is too liberal.  Oh My God.

Phil’s in my gun club, so we’d like to buy a little something on his station.  Sure.

I’m doing fine on my own, why should I hire you.   Why did you call me then?

I want our commercial to look like XYZ company.   No.

Can you make the logo bigger?   Absolutely not.



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2 Responses to “????”

  1. Andy Webb Says:

    Except always make the logo bigger on a billboard. I can’t count how many I’ve passed where I had no idea at all who was running the thing. As a matter of fact, make it the whole board the logo. Might actually get noticed and remembered. Now there’s a concept!


  2. adchick Says:

    Chances are those boards were developed by a billboard company-not an agency. If they were, fire the agency!

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