Looking for new dentist

Had a routine checkup with my dentist the other day.  Other than an $800 new crown he recommended, I’m fine. On my way out the door, he asked if I liked funny, “edgy” humor.  Hell yes, I’m in advertising. So he said he’d put me on his email list and send me “funny” things.

I have since been receiving a daily dose of extreme right-wing, offensive, racist commentary and cartoons, mainly pointed at President Obama, Congress and things happening in America he deems offensive….like the mom of the Octuplets.

If he thinks he’ll be putting his racist hands in my mouth anymore, think again. It was a classless and stupid thing to do. Sharing that kind of poison with others is worse than root canal.  Hooterville is full of idiots like this.  I have another client who insists on engaging me in discussions about local politics and how the good old boys (the Democrats) are ruining City Hall, yada, yada, yada.  I stop him immediately….what does this have to do with selling a sofa?  It’s not rational commentary-it’s evil and when I think of it, downright frightening.

I live among these people.

Adfolk (for the most part) seem to be more pragmatic, open minded and less vitriloic in their opinions. Why is that?  But no matter what your views on matters like these, keep it to yourself.  Sharing hate makes you a moron.

images1             Betcha he’s got an NRA card and white sheet hanging in his closet, too!             




2 Responses to “Looking for new dentist”

  1. phillybikeboy Says:

    How about, instead, you just ask him to stop e-mailing you things? That sounds reasonable.

    Let’s put the shoe on the other foot. What if he refused service to a catholic for being a papist, or an Obama voter for being a “nigger lover”? Offensive, yes–but in the end, you’re both refusing to do business with someone for their personal beliefs. No different.

    Maybe your gynecologist is a Klansman, but since he hides behind robes and a hood, you don’t know it. In both cases, you’ve got some racist poking around in your moist bits, it’s just that your dentist has the honesty to tell you.

    The answer to intolerance is not more intolerance, but engagement. Tell him you didn’t like the content, and to please stop. If he’s open to discussion, share your point of view.

    Tolerance of other beliefs is necessary for an open, liberal society….and it’s a two way street. Should I not do business with my Italian, Catholic barber because his church opposes a woman’s right to choose, and same sex marriage? How about the Orthodox Jew who runs the vegetarian pizza shop in my neighborhood? He supports expanded settlement in the West Bank, and equal rights for women runs counter to a fair bit of Orthodox belief. And let’s not even get into the muslim grocer….

    You don’t have to take this very far before the social contract breaks down real fast. Do you really want to go there?

    Look….he’s your dentist, a glorified mason. Hopefully you’re not looking to him for spiritual or political guidance. So long as he does a good job with your teeth, who cares what he thinks?

  2. adchick Says:

    All true enough. Extreme thinking in ANY form bugs me-I get it here all the time. I defend the right for anyone to believe what they will….but spiteful, hateful, threatening bigotry is a scary thing. Can’t we refrain from the nastiness and all get along? 🙂 And yeah, I did ask him to remove me from the list.

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