As in To Yak?  To Puke? Throw up? Vomit?  Or… Yak as in Yakkering.com. picture-2

Here’s yet another way to tell a bunch of people you don’t know (or barely know) what you’re doing from minute to minute….it’s based on your interests, and so far there are no topics that include sex, porn, rock n roll, or douchnozzles. I imagine George Parker won’t be Yakking anytime soon.

The About Us Page Says: 

Yakkering is all about one question. What’s on your mind?  Come join our community and share with us your thoughts on various subject matters. There are many things you can do at Yakkering.com. For example, if you found someone’s thought particularly interesting, you can follow that person’s thought. You can also make your own groups and send them messages.

Then, the First Yak:

03:51 PM Monday, 30 March 2009 General    Welcome to yakkering fellow yakkers. I hope you find the site usefull and fun. Thats what this site is about.

This Yak needs a spell check. So Twitter and Facebook … scoot over.  You have company!  HA!  Such a crazy world in which we live!


Dude!  Yak Me!  But keep it short, will ya!?


3 Responses to “Yakkering?”

  1. Erin Says:

    Reminds me to note the wonderful Aussie usage of “yak” — to vomit. Too right.

    Yakkering makes me yak.

  2. yakkering.com Says:

    Thanks for the write up Adchick. You’re funny. We need more people like you on yakkering.com. I like your site. Keep it up.

  3. KC Says:

    Nice one. Finally, something that actually looks better than twitter and is not all about celebrity followers. Good Luck!

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