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A small moment to whine.

April 22, 2009

The thing about entreprenuerial advertising (in a small town) is that you get through a day with maybe a few moments of insight,  inspiration, and a nice comment (or two)  from a client(s) who liked something you did…then go home after 10 or 12 hours, collapse and look for the energy to do it all over again the next day with the hope someone paid their bill…and second guessing if what you’re doing is the best you can be doing. I’m living the dream of owning my own business…27 years this July. 

images-21   OK…I’m better now. Get me some coffee.

Rest in Tweet.

April 21, 2009

My fascination with Obituaries just got more…uh, fascinating.  Now there’s the Twituary.  The madness continues!  A tribute to a life well lived in 140 words or less…a copy challenge for sure.

twituary_bigger Tweet , ur ded.

Commercial Free Childhood? Riiiight.

April 21, 2009

My daughter has her own child now, and when she was little, we had Sesame Street.  No SpongeBob and creepy Burger King Dude.  I would have kept her away from crap like that.  So I was pretty surprised to hear two of my younger colleagues say they thought the latest Burger King spot “Booty is Booty” spot funny and OK for their young son to see.  There’s nothing subtle in the sexual innuendo towards women in this ad. You may think it’s funny now (and I can’t imagine why) but it’s absolutely not a great message to send to kids. Sorry…it just isn’t and Burger King should know better. (I’ve noticed the adjective “creepy” used a LOT in describing Burger King…does this tell anyone anything?)

Then I read about this group, intent on a Commercial Free Childhood for their kids.  Good luck with that, guys.  Corporate Greed will win…they know to get ’em while they’re young. You’ll have better luck teaching parents to turn off the TV…and good luck with that one, too.

images-2You ARE Creepy, Burger King, Creepy, I say!

More sunshine?

April 21, 2009

Ever worked with THAT client, the one who is the smartest guy in the room and always reminds you he is, who, know matter what you do, when the whole rest of his team loves everything, just won’t let it go…just has to say the last word?

“I have asked around to get feedback and the reviews are mixed. I  was hoping for a more corporate look. I think we should move ahead with it,  add some photos, and have something up and then redesign later. My boss loved it and others thought it was great but I am still not  there. Sorry I don’t have more sunshine for you on this.”

WTF???  More sunshine?   More FUCKING sunshine?

images3It’s been a Monday.  I’m going home to reload.

Why didn’t I think of that! As Seen on TV

April 20, 2009

picture-3The Obama Chia?  WTF?

Check out the CNBC story!  This is BIG money in our economic downturn. Think of all the production work-the logos, the layouts, the web sites, the videos – lemme at it!  It’s not Peter Arnell work, but hey, it’s paying work and we’ll do a better job for a lot less than I’ll bet they’re paying!

As seen on TV products are all the rage-from Snuggies to Slapchops, these products are being ordered up faster than small town gossip (I love that line).  The A to Z listing is pretty extensive. The upside down tomato planter…ingenious. Lucidal, the Cognitive Preformance Enhancer that eliminates Brain Fog….ad agencies across the country should be ordering Lucidal by the pallet load.  

 There’s even a BLOG!!!!!



      The Obama Chia…somebody get me one!  




The Zippity Poo-Da was pretty clever, too.  


But who can forget the grand master of As Seen On TV?

Terror Management? Or maybe people are just stoo-pid.

April 19, 2009

I think most of us would agree that hate and racism are taught at home. Here in Hooterville, there’s a LOT of homophobia…these people just wear me out. There was this in the New York Times.  (Gay men can be priests so why not win a singing contest? I keep asking…who cares and why do you so much?)  But this article explains it best.  Why humans are so intent on “my belief is better than yours.”  (When, if ever, will we evolve into more intelligent society?) Terror Management Theory….Read it here.

images-16 Why can’t we all get along?

Wham! When Madden Met Mick.

April 17, 2009

I never met John Madden, but my dearly departed ex-partner worked with extensively with him.  Art (my now deceased ex) was the one who put Mr. Madden with Ace Hardware.  Art reveled in sharing stories about the Ace account, showed me the original pitch book they used to get the Ace Broadcast business which he told me they held for 10 years out of Chicago.  (I still have that book somewhere-must find it and show it to Peter Arnell).  Art  didn’t originate the famous line “Ace is the Place with the Helpful Hardware Man”…he was just smart enough to keep it, then expand it into various permutations: Helpful Hardware Woman, Folks, etc.  Then, Ace is the Place…for Me, for You, etc.    

The story Art told me that I loved about John Madden (aside from his avoidance of airplanes, elevators and wearing anything PINK) was one day in New York City, on their way to record some radio work.  A young Englishman came up to Mr. Madden and shook his hand enthusiastically, saying he was a big fan of Maddens.  Madden was gracious, they had a short friendly exchange and Madden asked the Brit what he did for a living.  The Brit simply replied, “I’m in the entertainment business”.

The Brit was Mick Jagger.


Lucia Our Cougar! Expert

April 14, 2009

OK…this doesn’t really have anything to do with advertising, but please bear with me.  (In Hooterville, big breaking media news doesn’t happen daily. For that, you need to read Adscam.)  We were joking about Cougars in the office a while back.  “I wanna be a Cougar”, I practically shouted. Then I realized I was too old to be one. Where does that leave me… stuffing my AARP card deeper into my purse?  I’m in that awkward stage of life, I suppose. Too young think I’m old, but old enough to not give a damn.

I stumbled upon Lucia, the Cougar! Expert, and I gotta tell ya, I learned a lot. The Do’s and Dont’s of Being a Cougar, complete with sound effects and graphics. There’s even a web site…wow.

Imagine all the fun you can have in the back

April 13, 2009

The auto industry wouldn’t be in such a mess if there were more commercials like this. I like the honest, direct approach.  

Only in Hooterville

April 11, 2009


   You can’t be on the School Board AND the County Board at the same time. Damn it!! 

   Everyone is getting excited about Mushroom Hunting.  Those tasty Morels will sell for $20 a pound.

Me:  “You’re a furniture store…you close every Wednesday and you’re only open one night a week….maybe you should think about staying open past 5pm for those couples who work who might want to shop after work.”

Client: “We tried staying open till 6, but it didn’t work.”      Uhhhhh….

What’s Twitter?

Dad says make the logo bigger next time. (We get this a lot.)

The local Armory had a Seniors Expo where one booth offered free Foot Massages to old people.  Ewww.

Turkey season is right around the corner.  Let the feathers fly.

Easter Egg Hunts and Easter Church services are being advertised round the clock and I’m one of 50 Jews in town. 

If business is so tight, why is everyone closing up on Good Friday?   We had plenty of stuff  to do.

Bad Car Dealer Commercials are on local cable every 15 minutes.  ARRRGGGHHHH!


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