The Day the Camera Crashed

Our methods of video production are far and away quite different from those of the great big production houses in great big cities.  We have no sound guy, no best boy, no craft service (unless there’s a vending machine nearby).  Just my amazing camera guy, me and sometimes we drag an intern along.  And lemme tell you, we do a LOT with VERY little.

So earlier this week, we were shooting in a grocery store with mom’s and kids. It’s the very last shot. Camera Guy is getting a microphone on little Abbie. I’m checking my notes…or something. Three year old Max sees the knob on the tri-pod and can’t resist the urge to twist it.  $23,000 worth of camera slaps to the floor.  Camera Guy turns white.  My adreaneline surge is so strong I think I might pass out.

I tell you this story because I want you to understand how deeply the entreprenuerial spirit runs in a shop like ours.  I own the place, but Camera Guy knows his craft, his industry and the technology so well its like HE owns the place. He reads every trade journal, listens to blogs, attends webinars, emails and communicates with other videographers…and so, he knew exactly what to do when the camera went crashing.  Within minutes, he had a loaner. Within 12 hours, he had a variety of options for us. He kept the business rolling. 

Same holds true with our Designer Guy.  By necessity, he has turned into our IT department. He doesn’t really like it, but he does it, saving us precious time and money.  Oh yeah, he’s a great designer with strong mechanical skills,  is kind and patient with clients (I’m not usually) who appreciate his sincere and pragmatic approach.  He owns the place, too.

The beauty of working in Hooterville is I don’t have to work with egotistical schmucks. Rather, talented, creative, hardworking people who enjoy small town living and never, ever say “That’s not my job.”     How cool is that?


2 Responses to “The Day the Camera Crashed”

  1. Andy Webb Says:

    That is indeed cool. My own biz is similar and I work with people who will simply do what it takes to git ‘er done.

  2. Rob Says:

    Damn … I work well away from Madison Ave and yet I still have to work with those prima-donna bastards.

    Worse, they are my colleagues.

    Where did I go wrong! [Don’t answer that]

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