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Another PEA (arnell) story.

April 4, 2009

Thanks to Fritinancy (she’s a smartie) for bringing the Newsweek article to our attention.  Further confirmation that Mr. Arnell couldn’t be further removed from everyday people. 1600 pairs of glasses?  20 oranges a day? Making his staff cry? How can he possibly know how the normal, everyday Joe Schmoe thinks?

I’m just jealous I can’t bullshit people as well as he can.  I need to hone my eccentric skills.

images-1Peter was happier when he was fat.                                              See???images2

When WILL we grow up? Ad People Never Will!

April 4, 2009

Not much has changed since Monster did this in 2006.  I LOVE this concept.  They described the stereotypes perfectly: “Wear black.”  “Convince myself I’m no longer the geek I was in high school.”  “Pout when I don’t get my way.”  “Have a big head”.  “Smoke a lotta dope”. “Work like a dog”  “Tell people what to do”  “Have people wonder what I do all day”  Oh, yeah…I especially like that last one.  It’s freakin’ Voo-Doo!  🙂

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