Another PEA (arnell) story.

Thanks to Fritinancy (she’s a smartie) for bringing the Newsweek article to our attention.  Further confirmation that Mr. Arnell couldn’t be further removed from everyday people. 1600 pairs of glasses?  20 oranges a day? Making his staff cry? How can he possibly know how the normal, everyday Joe Schmoe thinks?

I’m just jealous I can’t bullshit people as well as he can.  I need to hone my eccentric skills.

images-1Peter was happier when he was fat.                                              See???images2

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3 Responses to “Another PEA (arnell) story.”

  1. Jetpacks Says:

    Thanks for pointing me to that.

    “You say garden, I say Versailles. Are you tracking me?”

    I can only think, “What a complete and utter dick.”

  2. adchick Says:

    Truly. How cool is it that you’re writing a book! Write about the process if you get a second.

  3. golublog Says:

    He seems pretty terrible. A lot of really sucessfull people are. It’s very howard hughes.

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