Only in Hooterville


   You can’t be on the School Board AND the County Board at the same time. Damn it!! 

   Everyone is getting excited about Mushroom Hunting.  Those tasty Morels will sell for $20 a pound.

Me:  “You’re a furniture store…you close every Wednesday and you’re only open one night a week….maybe you should think about staying open past 5pm for those couples who work who might want to shop after work.”

Client: “We tried staying open till 6, but it didn’t work.”      Uhhhhh….

What’s Twitter?

Dad says make the logo bigger next time. (We get this a lot.)

The local Armory had a Seniors Expo where one booth offered free Foot Massages to old people.  Ewww.

Turkey season is right around the corner.  Let the feathers fly.

Easter Egg Hunts and Easter Church services are being advertised round the clock and I’m one of 50 Jews in town. 

If business is so tight, why is everyone closing up on Good Friday?   We had plenty of stuff  to do.

Bad Car Dealer Commercials are on local cable every 15 minutes.  ARRRGGGHHHH!


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