Lucia Our Cougar! Expert

OK…this doesn’t really have anything to do with advertising, but please bear with me.  (In Hooterville, big breaking media news doesn’t happen daily. For that, you need to read Adscam.)  We were joking about Cougars in the office a while back.  “I wanna be a Cougar”, I practically shouted. Then I realized I was too old to be one. Where does that leave me… stuffing my AARP card deeper into my purse?  I’m in that awkward stage of life, I suppose. Too young think I’m old, but old enough to not give a damn.

I stumbled upon Lucia, the Cougar! Expert, and I gotta tell ya, I learned a lot. The Do’s and Dont’s of Being a Cougar, complete with sound effects and graphics. There’s even a web site…wow.

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5 Responses to “Lucia Our Cougar! Expert”

  1. Annie Duke: Cougar | LOL Entertainment Says:

    […] about a Cougar with retractable claws, Annie Duke has them in spades. She’s purposely avoided taking the […]

  2. phillybikeboy Says:

    Dress sexy but Classy She said that while wearing THAT outfit? My irony meter just blew the fuck up!

  3. Andy Webb Says:

    I wonder what the age range is for a cougar. Is it a preset range, or is it relative to the age of the “younger man?”

  4. Muonwar Says:

    The only bad thing about Cougars is they aren’t interested in us old guys…

  5. Rob Says:

    She missed out “Do blokes”

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