Why didn’t I think of that! As Seen on TV

picture-3The Obama Chia?  WTF?

Check out the CNBC story!  This is BIG money in our economic downturn. Think of all the production work-the logos, the layouts, the web sites, the videos – lemme at it!  It’s not Peter Arnell work, but hey, it’s paying work and we’ll do a better job for a lot less than I’ll bet they’re paying!

As seen on TV products are all the rage-from Snuggies to Slapchops, these products are being ordered up faster than small town gossip (I love that line).  The A to Z listing is pretty extensive. The upside down tomato planter…ingenious. Lucidal, the Cognitive Preformance Enhancer that eliminates Brain Fog….ad agencies across the country should be ordering Lucidal by the pallet load.  

 There’s even a BLOG!!!!!



      The Obama Chia…somebody get me one!  




The Zippity Poo-Da was pretty clever, too.  


But who can forget the grand master of As Seen On TV?

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5 Responses to “Why didn’t I think of that! As Seen on TV”

  1. Kevin M. Scarbrough Says:

    Ad Chick, your CSS needs to be tweaked a bit on your blog-headers. The line spacing isn’t high enough, on Firefox (for Mac) they overlap if they are 2 or more lines.

    Have a great one 🙂

  2. andywebb Says:

    So, you’re ready to give Guthy-Renker — http://www.guthy-renker.com — a run for their money?

    These guys are responsible for tons of this stuff. You can even invest in upcoming products/infomercials with them. I know, I got a pitch on the phone from them quite a while ago.

    Big business indeed.

    Thanks for the fun read.

  3. Glenn Laudenslager Says:

    I think you should redo your logo so that the AdChick is draped in a Snuggie — you know you have one!

  4. phillybikeboy Says:

    Eventually, ever pocket fisherman gets a Wunder Boner.

  5. adchick Says:

    Phillybikeboy…I love your sick and focused humor!!

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