A furniture store for ALL people.

NO…we did not produce this, but damn, I wish I had. What a great addition to anyone’s demo reel. (And from High Point, North Carolina, too…the Furniture Mecca….what were they thinking?)

(Thanks to my friend Kathy (the best chick announcer ever) for bringing this to our attention)


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10 Responses to “A furniture store for ALL people.”

  1. FC Says:

    I’m a white person….and I love that commercial.

  2. phillybikeboy Says:

    That may (in all seriousness) be the best spot I’ve ever seen.

  3. Andy Webb Says:

    At the Redddd House….

    That’s going to be stuck in my head for weeks.

    Funny spot that will probably spread like swine flu.

  4. Rob Says:

    Martin Luther King must be sooooo happy …

  5. golublog Says:

    May just be the most awkward ad I’ve seen.

  6. George Parker Says:

    Fucking brilliant… Did you read the comments on YouTube? Here’s my favorite… “how about faggots? can the faggots shop at the red house?” Ha, even I wouldn’t say that on AdScam! Oh, fuck it, why not…

  7. bob hoffman Says:

    All I can say is, holy shit.

  8. THAT Guy Says:

    I might as well quit my production job. I will never be able to match that.

  9. Local Commercials « adchick Says:

    […] By adchick Thank you adfreak, who found this. The makers of the RED HOUSE furniture spot which I posted back in May, have done a commercial for a music store in Souix City Iowa. ILoveLocalCommercials.com. Very nice, […]

  10. The Chick Predicts « adchick Says:

    […] guys at Red House Furniture will open a chain of stores across the country, ending racial hatred through the selling of fine […]

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