Two brothers and a wife

Two brothers run a successful homebuilding business that Dad started. They are linear thinkers. They want a new logo. We go through the dance of getting to know one another… the size-up…”do-we-feel-comfortable-with-this-bossy-woman-but-we-better-hire-her-or-someone-else-will”….and the “they-seem-cool-enough-to-get-it-but-will-it-be-too-much-of-a-pain-in-the-ass”.  We show the first round. Green?  Hmmm…we think you need to show us more color options.  We come back, armed with Pantone books.  They deliberate deeply, trying hard to articulate what they think because, they really don’t know and need to appear smart and capable of reasoned, solid decision making and then the wife comes in, surveys the work and with little pause, points to the very concept we had encouraged them on in the first place. Where was Peter Arnell when I needed him?  This job would be a lot easier if people would just do what we tell ’em.


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