What DOES it all mean?

This was passed along to me by a small town gal who has worked in the same place for 30 years….a bit of an anomaly to be sure. Oh wait, I’ve been in business for myself 27 years.  Anyway, she asked:  “How does this affect the way we will offer our products, the way we market, the way we communicate with our customers or, in other words, all aspects of the business?”  Life is change, my dear. We’ll adapt. No one knows that better than ad people. (My friend is a banker…go figure.) I don’t find the numbers scary, but rather exhilarating.


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One Response to “What DOES it all mean?”

  1. Andy Webb Says:

    Thanks, Adchick, for posting this. Exhilarating indeed.

    The only really disturbing facts were the population growth numbers at the end. I hope we human beings don’t overpopulate to the point where all the amazing technology becomes irrelevant to a basic need to fight tooth and nail for the finite natural resources needed to survive.

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