The front page talks

My favorite commercials series, MAC and PC,  interact with the rest of the front page on todays New York Times.  Some might find it intrusive, but what advertising isn’t…This campaign is so smart and glib. And it’s placement is, too.  Apple is just so damned good.

Picture 6


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2 Responses to “The front page talks”

  1. phillybikeboy Says:

    Fabulous execution! The usual ads that are just gracelessly plopped down on top of the text I usually ignore and close as fast a I can. This I actually watched all the way through, and enjoyed. That’s rare.

  2. detroitmediaguy Says:

    Great campaign, very inventive … and actually some good online advertising for a change … but, it ran over a year ago … can’t understand why they didn’t refresh it for the web and keep going.

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