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Small Town Tweeting

May 13, 2009
images-4Twitter has finally made it to Hooterville
and the content is scintillating!   Just listen!
…I really wish I hated Rod Stewart more.

…man, I just got a huge craving for Chicken McNuggets…where’d that come from?

….Why hello there weekend…we meet again…and I see you are wearing your stretchy pants…well played.

…me thinks its sleepy time.

…can’t tell if my dog just farted or burped…we’ll all know in moments.

…Yard is mowed and I’m ready to chill.

….Dude! Your grilling is the shit.

Even our noon Rotary is all Twittery about Twitter.  Hey, it’s a new toy to play with when you likely should be WORKING!   I’ll play along, when I can tear myself away from PAYING WORK, because I want to understand it.  Josh Klein had some interesting thoughts on Twitter  and I was flattered that The Ad Contrarian would not only follow my Tweets, but send me an email to thank me for following him.  Hell, I’d pick up his dry cleaning.

But so far, Tweeting here in Tiny Town is mostly  used for bullshit, as you can see. It’s hard to see a bigger picture when a keyboard gives you the power to be a legend in your own mind.  Using it as email is incredibly stupid, as no one CARES if your dog farted or you hate Rod Stewart.  These people must be lonely.  There have been some worthy tweets that took me to an interesting article or video. Maybe if users were offering more viable and noteworthy information, I could find some redeeming value in it all.  I believe Adscam feels the same way…not to mention there is no way (yet) it’s gonna make any money.  Jane Sample has found a way for advertisers to use it….hmmm.  But I agree…this could fast turn into spam/telemarketing.

Follow me at adchick22 and I’ll try to be worthy of your attention. (someone else took adchick…squatter)

Win a FREE Colonoscopy!

May 7, 2009

I drink too much, I swear too much, think too much and laugh too loud….hey, I blame it on the business.  But one thing I do is take control of my health.  So when CBS ran their smart, witty PSA about the Colonoscopy Sweepstakes,  I was impressed with the cynical, funny approach about the very thing NO ONE wants to talk about.    

I’ve interviewed several colon cancer survivors and they tell me how lucky they are to be alive…because they got screened. So I’ll let you know if I have colon cancer or not because tomorrow, the chick gets one. I better lose at least 5 pounds!

A furniture store for ALL people.

May 1, 2009

NO…we did not produce this, but damn, I wish I had. What a great addition to anyone’s demo reel. (And from High Point, North Carolina, too…the Furniture Mecca….what were they thinking?)

(Thanks to my friend Kathy (the best chick announcer ever) for bringing this to our attention)

Lincoln’s DNA will Tell All

May 1, 2009

Under the Category of “Find Something Else Useful to Do”…some scientist wants to examine President Lincoln’s blooded stained pillow…a little DNA testing will confirm if Abe had cancer. It might explain Abe’s lumpy lips and gastrointestinal problems.  This is important to us because?

imagesLumpy Lips?  Gas?  No wonder he was depressed.

Two brothers and a wife

May 1, 2009

Two brothers run a successful homebuilding business that Dad started. They are linear thinkers. They want a new logo. We go through the dance of getting to know one another… the size-up…”do-we-feel-comfortable-with-this-bossy-woman-but-we-better-hire-her-or-someone-else-will”….and the “they-seem-cool-enough-to-get-it-but-will-it-be-too-much-of-a-pain-in-the-ass”.  We show the first round. Green?  Hmmm…we think you need to show us more color options.  We come back, armed with Pantone books.  They deliberate deeply, trying hard to articulate what they think because, they really don’t know and need to appear smart and capable of reasoned, solid decision making and then the wife comes in, surveys the work and with little pause, points to the very concept we had encouraged them on in the first place. Where was Peter Arnell when I needed him?  This job would be a lot easier if people would just do what we tell ’em.

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