A Spam Comeback?

I’m anxiously awaiting the new television commercials for America’s Favorite Meat in a Can, SPAM, done by BBDO in Minneapolis.  (I think their web site must be under construction-they should call me.) While I wait to see the new culinary creative, I decided to do a little Spam Research.

According to the official Spam web site there are 13 varieties. Hormel introduces the sweet, spicy pink “meat” in 1937.  Edward R. Murrow mentions Spam for Christmas dinner in 1942. In ’46, the Hormel girls make the scene. Spam with Cheese Chunks make an appearance in 1971, and in 1991, you can order official Spam merchandise from the catalog. You know it’s relevant when Spam gets a spot in the Smithsonian. There’s Spam with Bacon, Spam Lite, Spam Hot Dogs and Spam spreads and Hickory Smoked Spam.  Spam Festivals, Spam Fan Clubs, and Spam Recipe Contests. (Take a deep breath here) You can buy Spam T-shirts, hats and magnets, Spam Salt & Pepper shakers, steins and shot glasses.  A Spam joke book and thimble, too. There’s even a Broadway Show and Spam Music.

It seems that more than 5 billion cans have been produced since 1937. In America, roughly 3.8 cans of Spam are consumed every second each day – 228 cans per minute, 13,680 cans an hour. (Somebody check my blood pressure, my sodium level feels a little outta balance.)

Given these lofty numbers, BBDO better be showing us something pretty good.

imagesThanks to Brand Professionals for the heads up…can’t wait to see the reinvention.

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8 Responses to “A Spam Comeback?”

  1. Teenie Says:

    Spaaaaaaam! Beautiful Spaaaaaaam!

  2. adchick Says:

    Teenie: Beautiful if you’re hung over…with fried eggs! 🙂

  3. Can anyone recommend a good/free FTP program for windows? | Best Adware Says:

    […] A Spam Comeback? « adchick […]

  4. Jake Says:

    OK, so SP*M attracted sp*m in the middle of the night. I guess that makes some sort of sense in some sort of weird cosmic way.

    I get hung over way too easily, so in addition to sp*m & eggs, my formula includes black coffee, a half-dozen aspirin and, if needed, a nice, strong screwdriver. And a nap. (Actually, I’m *not* hung over, but that sounds pretty good anyway.)

    When we first came to Canada, we bought Kam. Works just as well.

  5. Teenie Says:

    Monty Python’s never wrong!

  6. adchick Says:

    Teenie- I LOVE Monty Python, yet i am ashamed to say I have yet to see Spamalot.
    Jake- Your hangover cure sounds about right…I include a Pepsi on ice with that mix!

  7. Andy Webb Says:

    Heart surgeons LOVE Spam. Drives lots of triple-bypass projects their way. Hmmm, hmmm.

  8. adchick Says:

    Andy! HA! You Betcha…watch the salt, baby!

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