My favorite jingle…and I hate jingles.

Oscar G. Mayer died yesterday. He was 95. He outlived a wife, married a second, and saw his company reach the billion dollar mark.  That’s gotta be proof those hot dogs are good for you.  And if you can’t sing along with this, then you don’t know much about advertising.   I guess I WOULD want to have a conversation with this brand.


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6 Responses to “My favorite jingle…and I hate jingles.”

  1. Teenie Says:


    It’s going to be stuck in my head all day! Thankfully we’re having a BBQ at work on Friday, so I shall satisfy the hot-dog craving…

  2. tcookmatranga Says:

    Truly a masterpiece – we’re still singing it how many years later?? And the whistle – who among us hasn’t wanted a hot dog whistle at some time in our childhood?

  3. phillybikeboy Says:

    Don’t forget the other iconic Oscar Meyer song.

  4. adchick Says:

    Phillybikeboy: you are my music man! Love it!!!

  5. Jake P Says:

    Not to get involved in one-upsmanship, but here’s the old, old school version….

  6. adchick Says:

    Jake….let’s see… in 1965, I was 10 years old. So yes, I remember this! The power of music…an incredible thing.

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