God will pay my bills

Got this in my email this morning….why didn’t I think of this before? God can help me get outta debt!  “Money is the root of all evil”.  “…a counselor will contact you with a no-obligation debt consultation based on Christian financial values.” Christian financial values?  My morbid curiosity took me into the web site, and it almost didn’t let me out.  “No, wait! Would you like to engage in a Live Chat with one of our representatives?”  ” Are you sure you want to leave our site?”  The scamming, luring and hoodwinking takes all forms on the Internet. I wish they would stick to the Do Unto Others message.

image001Dear God, Please call Visa and wipe away my balance.

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10 Responses to “God will pay my bills”

  1. Teenie Says:

    No more guilt? That’s not very Christian.

  2. adchick Says:

    Teenie! You’re cracking me up! The guilt and shame is in every flavor, I think. I just wish the Golden Rule was the only religion there was. The rest of it really frightens me.

  3. phillybikeboy Says:

    Jesus died for my credit score.

  4. adchick Says:

    Phillybikeboy-Thank you for my first laugh of the day!!!! Now if he could just balance my checkbook.

  5. Muonwar Says:

    Gotta say, do love the creative on the ad though.

  6. golublog Says:

    so that’s why im overloaded with student debt. God is not a friend.

  7. Andy Webb Says:

    Emotional selling at its best/most perverse. Take your pick.

  8. adchick Says:

    Andy…indeed it is both. Organized religion is preying on the desperate, the addicted, and the hopeless. And this a a good example.

  9. bg Says:

    God upped my credit rating. Yeah, who’s jealous now?

  10. jdawg Says:

    What company was this advertisement for? Could you give me the website address?

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