Yogie Dogie

My sincere thanks to Designer Tim for bringing Yogie Dogie to my attention. I am now officially creeped out for the rest of the week. This chick isn’t about to pay a visit to THIS FARM!  via everythingisterrible.

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4 Responses to “Yogie Dogie”

  1. Jake P Says:

    Call Child Protective Services, STAT!

  2. Scottm Says:

    Can we assume he’s safely behind bars?

  3. phillybikeboy Says:

    I gotta think Rasta Rooster had more than a little to do with this. The whole thing reeks of ganja.

    BTW, if you still have a working VHS player:


  4. adchick Says:

    Philly: Yikes…it’s produced by Mystic Fire Video. “Cool, kiddos. Now let’s roll a fattie and get down dog.”

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