Wall Drug Delivers

If you do any sort of creative work, you gotta get away from it. Our last big Harley vacation took us to South Dakota and Wyoming, where I emptied my cluttered mind.  Yet, I still  found myself noticing horrifically bad TV spots, a billboard promoting 24 Hour Toe Service (I am not making that up) and the oh-so-ubiquitous Wall Drug Billboards.

Every client, big and small, could take a lesson from Wall Drug.  Wall Drug delivered on their cheesy ad promises (and they made a lot of them) via corny billboards.   “5¢ Cup of Coffee”  “Homemade Pie”  “Free Coffee and Donut to Every Veteran” “Free Ice Water”. We had to stop.  Plus, it was late and close to beer-thirty.

Wall Drug is a model of efficiency.  They were serving up breakfast for hundreds of people in short order style. The staff was friendly, the place was clean, well displayed, and organized.  Shopping to placate every person of every age, from expensive cowboy boots and purses to fudge, shot glasses, T-shirts, and garish souvenirs of every description.  What an excellent advertising story.  They have capitalized on their “brand”.  They gave me a free bumper sticker, hoping I would put it on my car. Thousands of Wall Drug billboards and bumper stickers are all over the world.  It’s Chic to be Cheesy!

Wall Drug opened during the Great Depression and have been growing ever since because they’re being who they say they are. Now if only my clients could deliver on the promises they ask me to make for them.

images-3 No, there is no such thing as a Jackalope.  But you can buy one!

IMG_1723 And George Parker, I took this pic just for you…figure you can use it in one of your Poisoned Dwarf Posts. My God, they’ll sell anything!

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2 Responses to “Wall Drug Delivers”

  1. Jake P Says:

    Welcome home, adchick! Those dwarves are truly creepy.

    I dig the take-home message of delivering what they promised. Most of the time, those types of billboards lead to disappointment (Big Rock Candy Mountain in Utah, I’m looking at you)–not that I’m susceptible for such things!

  2. Teenie Says:

    I bet the list of people involved in creating and approving those billboards is a mighty short one. If Wall Drug was a bigger company with a “normal” agency process, those billboards would be half covered in legal copy with a great, big “*” next to every mention of “free”.

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