The People of Walmart

Bookmark this. Check it often. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be amazed.  You’ll get a firsthand look at the folks we see here in Hooterville everyday. OK, maybe not QUITE this “interesting”, but it’s a look at humanity as it really is beyond your pristine office cubicle. These people vote, have children (shudder) and buy products. Please adjust your commercial message accordingly.

Picture 3

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7 Responses to “The People of Walmart”

  1. golublog Says:

    This is a little sad.

  2. Michael Rice Says:

    You are a classist fuck for promoting this hatred toward the poor and uneducated in this country. I can assure you of this, you would not thisnk this was funny if it were you or you close family.

    If I could find you I would beat you like the facist bitsh that you are.

    Oly cruel classist pigs think this shit is funny.

    Fuck YOU

  3. Michael Rice Says:

    Forgive the typos

  4. adchick Says:

    Michael: I forgive you. And, by the way, I take my 94 year old Grandmother to Walmart once a week, and still find no excuse for anyone who shops in their pajamas.

  5. Jetpacks Says:

    I like how Michael Rice threatens to beat your fascist bitch ass, then asks you to forgive his typos.

    The poor and uneducated of this country can learn from Michael. It doesn’t take an education or money to have manners, and it would be most mannerly if people did not reveal their fat, ugly asses while shopping at Wal-Mart.

    I shopped at Wal-Mart this weekend. They have cheap shorts that completely cover one’s ass.

  6. THAT Guy Says:

    Jesus and I love you, Mr. Rice. Wal-Mart is awesome. And Wal-Mart-ite trashies & fat-fucks are some of the most hilarious delights in ‘merica!

  7. jemka Says:

    I noticed you made a post about Perhaps you might be interested in doing a follow up about People of Public Transit.

    People of Walmart inspires sister site (People of Public Transit)

    The public bus and subway systems are littered with amazing photo opportunities. Many of us have been sitting alone witnessing something amazing and only wishing we could share the experience with our friends. Well now you can!

    Thank you,
    John Michael

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