Veranda? I like Breakfast served there.

Oh, wait. You mean the FONT!  Like in IKEA changing their catalog font from Futura to Veranda.

Ikea has been using their own customized version of Futura for 50 years. I guess they felt it was time for a change/update/new look. I understand how important the science of Fontology is, but I think after 50 years, a change might be in order. Reach out to the young ones who think Veranda is all that.  😉

Only the ad people/font folks will likely be aflutter about this…which is interesting  Advertising IS change. Advertising MUST be about change. But, tell that to Vitaly Friedman.

The former typeface definitely better reflected Ikea’s design philosophy, giving it a very special, unique flavor that actually fit the company’s style,” says Vitaly Friedman, editor in chief of the online Smashing Magazine, which is dedicated to Web design. “With Verdana being used all across the Web, Ikea’s image not only loses originality, but also credibility and the reputation that the company has built since the 1940s.”

Read all about it in Time Magazine here. And here in Business Week.  

images-1 Damn people, please.  We have pressing world issues. 

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