Entertainment Shopping?

The chick loves to shop…sale racks, bargains, e-bay.  All of it.  I’ve had some success selling stuff on e-bay, too.  (Like the time I put Japanese fishing floats up starting at $2.99.  They sold for $2249.  I am NOT Making that up.)  But this on-line auction site is described as Entertainment Shopping….I don’t know.

Visit Swoopo, and it seems almost too good to be true.  For every bid you make, you pay .60¢ and you can buy bids in advance in increments of 40, 60, up to 1000 bids. Take Oliver…in just 35 bids he got his Nikon Camera. Only $16.02.  That’s a DEAL. Feels like a scam, but, you gotta stay with it to save the money…and you have pay to play.

Sounds like Illinois government.

images  swoopo.com

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One Response to “Entertainment Shopping?”

  1. Kameko Says:

    Another site which uses the same concept is http://www.pennygrabber.com.

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