Coke “Creatures”

Times have really changed.  From a zombie-like choir of ethnicities (You can still sing along, though, can’t you?) to freaky, furry robotic creatures.  This is gonna make me choose to drink a Coke over a Pepsi because… (Pepsi’s new Logo is certainly not a reason.)  I would LOVE to sit in on these creative sessions to hear how they determine the approach then sell the approach to the client (The Language of the Idea).

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One Response to “Coke “Creatures””

  1. Jake P Says:

    The first one reminds me of being forced to sing folks songs by my hippy-wannabe, guitar-strumming 5th grade teacher. (And the day I got kicked out of The Sharing Circle because I laughed inappropriately at someone’s “innermost thoughts.”)

    The second one simply creeps me out, and you are right: What the heck could that creative pitch been like? I get the sneaking feeling that it’s not going to age well….

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