Never too much Bacon

Sorry, I couldn’t resist a couple of more Bacon references.  

Now on my shopping list… Bacon Salt.  Brilliant!  And thanks to  Jake for pointing me to the recipe for Bacon-flavored vodka.  This will be my fall and winter project. There’s the petition on Facebook to Make National Pig Day an Official Holiday (March 1), encouraging me to write my congressman and get this signed into law.

Uh, OK.  

The best pop culture blog on the planet has a Bacon tribute not to be missed here. Bacon Jam…yummy!

And last but  not least, there’s Bacon Today, your on-line resource for all things Bacon.

imagesA big thank you to Bacon Unwrapped for this link, hooking us up to everything that is ….wait for it….BACON. 

                                              And of course, the Ultimate Bacon. 

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3 Responses to “Never too much Bacon”

  1. Jake P Says:

    I clicked on to Bacon Today. In all my years of writing web copy, I have never had the incredible good fortune of having a client for whom one of the nav links is “Why Bacon?” I mean, that is just magical!

  2. adchick Says:

    Jake…I also thought being a “Chief Baconographer” would be a pretty neat job. A good example of taking an everyday product and making it something special. That would be…Advertising!

  3. Teenie Says:

    The ultimate Bacon don’t so much look that good anymore. Maybe he needs a little bacon salt…

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