Jesus would use spehl-chek.

We all get some interesting people who follow us on Twitter. Joe Romero, biblepusher1, should know better than to follow me, given my annoyance with ignorance (not to mention the chaos and hurt organized religion causes in our society…but I digress). The “On-line evangelist” is trolling Twitter looking for  souls to save.  His web site here is downright sinful.  Riddled with misspelled words and lousy sentence structure, I’m pretty sure Jesus would appreciate it if he’d get a dictionary. 

Picture 3

Monthly support (contributions) is greatly appreciated. If you send him a check, he’ll be able to get a Thesaurus, too.




Picture 5The havest is great. What a wonderful example.

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2 Responses to “Jesus would use spehl-chek.”

  1. Teenie Says:

    My favourite kind of irony in the world: hard-headed Bible thumpers who can’t spell, conjugate, punctuate, or get their point across in writing to save their lives.

    I’m with you, adchick. I bet Jesus learned his Arameic rules and regulations to a T before he went out preaching the good word.

  2. bg Says:

    I tend not to correct the baby Jesus.

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