Ah, youth

I had a farewell drink with my summer intern and her friend the other night. I listened to these two 22-year old beauties chatter away when I realize just how much I really do know…and how much they still have yet to learn.

They both talked…a lot. Coming from wealthier families, they haven’t had to earn anything…yet.  And astoundingly, they admitted that.  Check Jake’s Take and his post about the Sense of Entitlement young ones have. As parents we don’t do our kids any favors by  helping them too much. 

My intern, a tall, funny, goofy, wonderful girl reminded me so much of me at that age. Insecure and enthusiastic.  The attention span of a gnat. I gave her a few good “pep talks”.  “You talk too much-SHUT UP and LISTEN! Take notes. Be on time. In the real world, you’ll get fired for that. Don’t rush through the project. Let people come to you.” You get the idea.

I have a daughter-an only child-and we’re not close. (If I say left, she’ll go right. Other moms of daughters tell me how common this is, yet it still breaks my heart.) But this intern of mine, we developed a special bond over the summer.  She respected me, listened to me (when she wasn’t talking!) and I loved having her, even if I did want to pull my hair out a couple of times. She left my office knowing more than when she started. What she does with it now is up to her.

They say advertising is a business for the young.  Fresh ideas, new perspective and all that. Maybe. But I take solace in my years of mistakes they have yet to make, mistakes that give you the wisdom and confidence to make a better choice and to trust your instincts.

That’s called experience.

images-4Baby, the stuff you’ll learn!

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6 Responses to “Ah, youth”

  1. Teenie Says:

    I’ve been in advertising 10 years, and I see the difference in attitude each new generation comes in with. More and more, they think they’ll start with a flashy title, big raise, and the best projects. They forget that their boss began their career making photocopies–just like everyone else.

    It’s not across the board, but it’s enough to make you stop and ask yourself whet the heck their parents are teaching them. Yeesh

  2. Rob Hatfield Says:

    Even more so, what is college teaching them? I see recently graduated designers with good portfolios, only to find that each of their samples were created over the course of a semester each. I get job seekers with Marketing degrees and I ask: Are you a writer or a designer? Neither! They want to be a Creative Director. My job. The one it took me 10 years to earn. I try to explain that. Blank stares.

  3. adchick Says:

    Rob: How true that is. My little gal took more than a week to get a simple newspaper ad put together. UGH. She’ll learn…or she’ll waitress! 🙂

  4. Jake P Says:

    A belated thank you for the hat tip, adchick!

    It sounds like you’ve left that young lady on a good path. Good stuff.

  5. SRP Says:

    Thank you for the bit of self-disclosure. Why I like blogs and yours in particular.

  6. adchick Says:

    Steffan: And its why I like your blog as well!

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