In the can

A Big Thank You to Frank my Camera Guru for this wonderful introduction to a product I would never have tried, but probably will now. (Why won’t our clients give us this latitude?)  Have a great weekend!

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4 Responses to “In the can”

  1. Rob Hatfield Says:

    That can’t be real. I mean approved for broadcast. Funny tho.

  2. KissMyBlackAds Says:

    Right! It’s so hard to get a client to approve a nice type treatment let alone edgy humor! Kudos to that agency!

  3. SULLY Says:

    How very English of them! (humour I mean….), I just wish that it had been a sequence of 10″ – I got the feeling the joke was a touch overdone by the end. Such a great line (and buy by the client) needs to be treated with reverence by the creatives….

  4. Jake P Says:

    “Sure enough, there I was…”


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