The dirty trick

When this commercial came on, we looked at each other and almost at the same time, said: “I don’t like that ad.”  There’s a series of them now, using children to make their point that being naive can cost you. They’re positioning themselves as the good bank, but the disgust I feel for the banker in the spot is so strong, it transcends to the advertiser. I was uncomfortable and associated that feeling with the bank.  I couldn’t even remember their name for awhile after I had seen the spot. Maybe it’s my general disdain for the banking industry. Maybe it’s just me. 

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5 Responses to “The dirty trick”

  1. dicknotrichard Says:

    terrible strategy… & execution. we’re the bank that screws you & your kids too.

  2. Andy Webb Says:

    Gotta disagree with you on this one. After a few of these spots, you get it that Ally is the good guy. Now that they have your attention, I predict that they will follow this campaign with a positive campaign–maybe one with charming people and landscapes and such.

  3. Rob Hatfield Says:

    However, first impressions are everything, and I hate this sleazy bastard and his trickery. I guess when you bank with them, you better bring along a lawyer. I also question that the white girl gets the real pony, and the ethnic (I presume) gets the shaft. What a disaster!

  4. Teenie Says:

    I don’t quite get the dang ad. He asks the same question (Do you want a pony?) and gives two different answers. I know it’s supposed to imply that different clients are treated differently–but it just feels like the poor first kid is being teased, and not that she isn’t getting the “most” out of the situation. It’s kinda cruel.

  5. adchick Says:

    And I will say I hope they don’t follow it up with charming people and pretty landscapes and something more dynamic that the typical “Bank” ad…I just think they spent entirely too much time on a negative set-up.

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