A Billion Served. And What’s Tinker?

That’s a pretty heady number…a BILLION.  It’s hard to imagine that many people visiting You Tube.  A DAY!  So says many news releases, including this one from Tech Crunch. Its an unfathomable number, a Billion. But then, You Tube is a tremendous resource, and like anything else, you separate the good from the 13 year old video crap.

And then there’s Tinker. A new service that helps you stay on top of your favorite events by showing you the latest buzz from Twitter. Pretty soon we’re going to know so much (or think we do) about people we’ve never met, forming opinions about their character, intentions and behaviors, that we’ll decide we don’t like someone we’ve never even laid eyes on. Maybe we shouldn’t know so much.

images1,000,000,000 Every Day. A lot of You-Tubing.

images-1Another way to keep tabs on the world whirring around you.

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