Who’s our customer? Uh…..

We got called back to talk to a potential client.  Last time we met was in May.  I knew they were talking to other agencies….no problem. (Anything they can do we can do better.) They finally decided we were the best choice to do the creative. Cool.  When I asked my usual litany of questions, the most important one they did not know.

“Who’s the customer?”

“We don’t really know…we’re hoping you can tell us.”

I shit you not. I do not get paid enough to answer questions like this.


I’d sell you something, but I don’t know who you are.

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3 Responses to “Who’s our customer? Uh…..”

  1. Teenie Says:

    Ouch. Well, at least by answering your own question you’ll be heroes in your client’s eyes. Better pad those billable hours, though. May be a long, long night…

  2. Jake P Says:

    I’ve dealt with my share of cocktail-napkin business plans, but this ascends to unprecedented heights of absurdity! Thanks for sharing, adchick.

  3. Andy Webb Says:

    Not a problem, it’s an opportunity to add research to the budget.

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