They Said, I Thought

It’s really a wonder we have any clients left. The guys I work with just shake their heads. The older I get, the more impatient I become with clients. When I decide to waitress, I hope I can keep my mouth shut.

Our in-house designer?  Oh, she can do that.

If she could, then you wouldn’t be here…give it up.

We don’t know who the customer is, we’re hoping you can tell us.

If you don’t know, then I KNOW I don’t.

My wife is really artistic…these are some of her logo ideas.

Then you should hire her.

We did these ads.

Your children are ugly, oops, I mean these ads suck.

And I really have said this:  “With all due respect, what you are currently doing obviously isn’t working, or you wouldn’t be in my office.”

Welcome to small town advertising.

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8 Responses to “They Said, I Thought”

  1. They Said, I Thought - Blog Says:

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  2. Muonwar Says:

    Brutal honesty is transparency at its most direct… and transparency is profitable… keep it up!

  3. Jake P Says:

    Alas, small towns don’t have a corner on that kind of foolishness. You can find it throughout the habitat of homo sapiens.

  4. Paula Zargaj-Reynolds Says:

    Add this one to your list…

    CLIENT: C’mon. Is this REALLY going to take you eight hours?

    ME (in my dreams): Yes. Because unlike you, I won’t settle for the first dumbass idea that comes to me.

  5. adchick Says:

    Paula! YES! Excellent! You could also respond…”If you know how to do it, then why do you need me?” HA!

  6. ed Says:

    Truer words have never been spoken. After 20 years in this business you’d think you’d be able to spot when this foolishness was about to spill out of the clients lips. But no. One can never be quick enough to sidetrack their idiot comments.

  7. adchick Says:

    Ed: And yet we keep going back for more. I need to discuss this with my therapist. Just visited you…I’ve dreamed of moving to Bend one day. I love Oregon and am planning my escape.

  8. ed Says:

    Hi AC, Oregon is a great place–except for graphic artists. One can’t swing a dead without hitting without hitting a designer in Portland. Of course, maybe by doing this it might help to thin the herd a bit.

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