A word about your Demo, Portfolio, or Reel

We hire voice talent from all over the country to voice video projects. We listen to a demo, and it’s amazing. We hire them and get the product back, and it’s like listening to their dumb Uncle Buck.

Same with new designers. We look at their book, and it’s pretty cool. Within a week, the stuff they’re cranking out isn’t as good as the last college intern we had.

If you want to stay employed in this business, be good ALL the time. Don’t slop through the project -even if it only pays you $100. I think $100 for sitting down in front of a microphone for 15 minutes (or less) is a nice bit of change. Exceed the expectation, because its one thing to get hired.  It’s another thing to stay employed.

Ok.  I’m done now.


Whatever you got in there, can you do it again?

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2 Responses to “A word about your Demo, Portfolio, or Reel”

  1. Jake P Says:

    The same thing used to happen to me constantly when I was an editor. I’d read someone’s fantastic clips and hire them as a freelancer…only to discover that they couldn’t write worth beans. The editor at the other publication had edited and/or rewritten the story. We also experienced our share of designers who had obviously been talent-boosted by art directors, so during the hiring process, prospects had to pass our “layout test.”

    But I am curious what the explanation is for a voiceover artist who doesn’t sound as good as their reel. How the heck do you pull that off?

  2. adchick Says:

    Lazy announcers drive me nuts….they slop through the script in one take, no phrasing, no enunciation…I would liken it to a Voice actor or actress..I cant see you speak, but I can hear how you say it…so do it well.

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