How they get here

What were these people looking for when they searched for:


god exclamation point

“make my dick hard” shirt

and then they end up on my blog?  I hope they weren’t disappointed….especially the shirt.

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2 Responses to “How they get here”

  1. Jake P Says:

    Marketing opportunity?

    “Hey adchick, how’d you become a millionaire?”
    “Well, it all started with this random google search back in late 2009…”

  2. Dave Knockles Says:

    Hey, I was googling ‘liquid viagra’, but I ended up here! (It’s actually true.)

    Then I noticed you’ve kindly put me on your blogroll. I’m returning the favour.

    As a woman, you might be interested in my latest stroke of marketing genius. It’s actually an act of feminism. Sort of.

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