Follow the money

I love the surprise/interesting/unexpected ending. Here, money travels and ends up in a happy place. Found at great ads.

Please note that this sort of thing is not tolerated in Hooterville. That’s why I want to move.

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4 Responses to “Follow the money”

  1. Jake P Says:

    Cool vid. Did you see the movie “After Hours,” which has a $20 bill playing a major role in the plot?

  2. adchick Says:

    Jake…no I have not seen this movie…but will make a point to see it now. If it weren’t for the Internet, we’d have to eat our Pork Rinds at the Drive-In around here. Just kidding. It’s not QUITE that bad! 🙂

  3. Jake P Says:

    It’s an oldie–1985–so you may have to dig around a bit at the Hooterville Video Emporium 😉

    On a related subject, I am suffering severe Netflix withdrawal while we’re in Canada. I get hives going into Blockbuster and wandering around aimlessly.

  4. Pro Bono commercial from Germany wallows in depravity before finding redemption. « Gods of Advertising Says:

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