Tis the season to be cynical

Have we ALWAYS been this way?

One definition of cynicism I found was this: Cynicism was an ancient Greek philosophy, primarily concerned with virtue, whose followers were known as “The Dog Philosophers.” They believed that virtue was the only necessity for happiness and that it was wholly sufficient for attaining happiness.

Not exactly the way I would have described it. Today, nothing is sacred and everything is fair game. We’ll make fun of any thing, any one,  at any  time. With tongue stuck in cheek, we cleverly belittle, dress down, and criticize every chance we get. After awhile, it gets old,  creates animosity,  ill feelings, causing family’s to squabble and friendships to fray.  All this cynicism breeds distrust and soon, nobody likes anybody and we’re all so busy trying to be right, none of us are. Then, the Jesus Folks are so busy dishing out guilt and shame, we forget about common decency. Can’t we all just get along?

But enough about the advertising business.  My cynical spot truly enjoyed this:


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One Response to “Tis the season to be cynical”

  1. SRP Says:

    Great minds and all that. I wrote about the same thing on Gods. I know you won’t mind the link: http://godsofadvertising.wordpress.com/2009/12/21/with-mass-and-social-media-going-to-hell-advertising-remains-surprisingly-conservative/

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