Jesus is Everywhere!

I’m so amazed at people who have lost their senses, left ethical behavior behind and skewed their priorities because organized religion slithered into their being. Somewhere, deep inside the human psyche, we must have this innate desire for a higher power. Fine. But history proves that religion has missed its intended mark, if it had any to begin with. Millions have been murdered, raped, imprisoned because they didn’t believe their oppressors particular God. Organized religion preys on addicted personalities, reaching deep into their bank accounts in return for unseen salvation.  The “Bible in the Backseat” crowd swaggers, looking down their noses at the rest of us who are bemused by their arrogance. It’s about power, control and money, not about ethical behavior, honesty, and caring for your fellow human. And now, Jesus is everywhere…from tree bark to toast to TV screens. Check it.  (via The Browser. Thanks D)

New favorite quote: “God isn’t the problem…it’s her fan club.”


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