Car Crash=No Post

It was a great ski trip. Then, on his way back to the city to face the reality of work, my sweetheart hit a patch of black ice yesterday morning, and rolled the car on  a major highway. Like all stubborn men, he tried to refuse treatment.  They talked him into the ambulance, took him to a VERY rural band-aid station where I found him shaking like a leaf. Fractured rib. Car is totaled. The living room has turned into a mini-hospital, the dining room my office. Very crabby man…but very lucky.  He was wearing a seat belt. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t be here to be crabby. We’ll be right back after another Vicodin.


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5 Responses to “Car Crash=No Post”

  1. bob hoffman Says:

    Best to your beau. He’s gonna like the vike.

  2. simonbilling Says:

    Glad to hear that all is OK.

  3. Jake P Says:

    Yikes. Healing thoughts on their way, adchick.

  4. phillybikeboy Says:

    Glad to hear there was minimal damage to your riding partner. Don’t sit around telling him your a-list jokes all day….that’s really cruel to do to someone with a broken rib.

  5. Mark Says:

    Glad to hear he’s okay, hope he has a speedy recovery.

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